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B&H Cylinders Special Design Cylinders Heavy Duty Mill Type Air & Hydraulic Cylinders

heavy duty mill type air hydraulic cylinder

Heavy duty mill type construction

Nominal pressures:

200 P.S.I. - Air
1500 P.S.I. - Hydraulic
2000 P.S.I. - Hydraulic
3000 P.S.I. - Hydraulic

Standard fluid - Hydraulic oil

Standard temperature -10°F to +165°F

Bores Sizes:

1-1/2" through 24" (Air)
1-1/2" through 16" (Hydraulic)

Piston rod diameters - 3/4" through 11-1/4"

Mounting styles - Six standard mounting styles at various application ratings

Strokes - Available in any practical stroke length

Cushions - Optional at either end or both ends of stroke

Rod ends - Two standard choices - specials to order

B&H Cylinders Special Design Cylinders Custom Engineered Special Cylinders

B&H has the experience to provide special cylinders to meet your specifications and requirements. Special features can include the addition of linear displacement transducers, proximity switches, dual mounting styles, high temperature seals, double rod cylinders, and pressure boosters to name a few. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. You may also fill in our Quote Request Form with all your requirements.