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Mill Type Pathon Special
Bore Stroke Rod Diameter
Service: Air (200 PSI)   Air (200 PSI)   1000 PSI Hyd
2000 PSI Hyd    3000 PSI Hyd Other
Mounting: Foot Mount Female Clevis Mt Male Clevis Mt
Trunnion Mt      
Front Flange Mt Rear Flange Mt Other
Fluid Type: Cushioned: Seal Type:
Mineral Oil Head— Yes     No Standard
Water Gly. Cap— Yes     No High Temp/Viton
Other   Other
Ports: NPT Size  
SAE O-Ring Size  
4-Bolt SAE Size  
Metric/Other Size  
Chrome Plated Bore Yes No
Chrome Plated Rod Yes No

At B&H Cylinders, we excel in specialty or custom cylinders for any application or demand. Please use the following space to provide us with any additional information that we may need in order to complete your request for quote. Thank you for letting us help meet your cylinder requirements.

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