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B&H Cylinders Special Design Cylinders Special Design Custom Engineered Hydraulic & Air Cylinders

special design custom engineered hydraulic air cylinders

B&H Special Design Cylinders have been engineered, tested and proven for over 40 years. We have supplied numerous custom cylinders for industries such as steel, aluminum, plastic and rubber injection molding, sand molding, conveyors, broaching, on a continuous basis.

Our expertise has also involved us in projects ranging from shipbuilding and railroad applications to civil engineering projects including dam and bridge control.

Some of our special designs include rotating cylinders, distributor assemblies, double rod end cylinders, intensifiers, spring return cylinders, cylinders equipped with linear displacement transducers and proximity switches to name a few.

Bore Sizes - up to 50" bore
Operation Pressures - up to 10,000 psi
Stroke Lengths - up to 60' foot
Mountings & Accessories - to your request
Inch or Metric Specifications
Welded & Mill Type Design
Incorporating Advanced Sealing Technology

Let us handle your special design and/or custom engineered cylinder needs. Please contact us with any additional questions you may have. You may also fill in our Quote Request Form with all your requirements.